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Tresquire is a business law firm focused on helping you build.  Running on lean methodologies leveraging legal technologies, Tresquire's core mission is to resolve your problems and ease your worries so that you can focus on building your empire.


Business Law

From envisioning your dream to realizing it, Tresquire can help you navigate all the hurdles you come across: from entity formation to exit strategy, and everything in between.  Whether you need help in the background or at the forefront, Tresquire is ready to help you build your empire

Restaurant Law

Newest bartender told you he's the next Dave Arnold, but can't even make an Arnold Palmer?  Tresquire's got you.  Whether it's front of house or back of house, licensing or management, when you need something on the fly Tresquire will keep you far from the legal outhouse


From copyrights to contracts, and music publishing to theater production, Tresquire will secure your assets and safeguard your ownership rights deep in the background so that you can focus on what you do best--bringing a bit of beauty to the world.



Got an idea that'll change the world?  Tresquire is here to help you execute.  Whether you're dealing with cagey VCs or scale-averse employees, legal fees shouldn't multiply your burn rate.  Iterate and pivot to your heart's content, because Tresquire is here to watch your stake.

Alcoholic beverage law

French oak turned out to be Hungarian?  Give Tresquire a call to resolve.  Freshest brettanomyces getting a little too funky?  Give Tresquire a call to commiserate.  Whatever you're mashing or fermenting, there's a market available--let Tresquire help you tap it


Everyone wants in, no one knows what's legal.  Whether you're considering ancillary products, direct sales, or long term investment, Tresquire can help you decide what makes sense today, and what the world isn't ready for just yet.

Service Areas

Tresquire currently services businesses and residents in New York, the District of Columbia, Virginia and California,

but check back soon for more jurisdictions!


Gotham Market to Gowanus


Shore Drive to Scott's Addition

Washington, DC

Ivy City to the Palisades


Silver Lake to the Lower Haight

*Legal services provided in New York will be through "Grover Law" to comply with local regulations


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Hardeep Grover


Hardeep focuses on helping start-ups and small businesses navigate legal hurdles so they can grow to their full potential.  Having practiced in San Francisco and New York before starting Tresquire in Washington, DC, Hardeep has built expertise in a variety of issues that creative entrepreneurs face.  Barred in DC, NY, CA and VA, he works with clients in all four jurisdictions, striving to help people bring their visions to fruition.  

In addition to his role with Tresquire, Hardeep also serves on the Board of Directors of the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts where he is Chair of the Music and Culinary Arts subcommittees, and is also the Immediate Past President of the South Asian Bar Association of Washington, DC.

Hardeep received his Juris Doctorate from The George Washington University Law School, and was selected as a 2019 Rising Star by Super Lawyers, an independent peer reviewed rating service of outstanding lawyers.

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Creating a 501(c)3

Hardeep Grover will be teaching a course on 501(c)3 basics at the Washington, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities on April 18, 2018.  The course will serve as a basic guide on 501(c)3 non-profits, but will also delve into the different entities that might qualify as non-profits.  Attendees will learn the basic requirements for non-profit recognition, will learn various facets of non-profit governance necessary to remain in compliance, and if they're nice, they might even get an opportunity to go through a 1023-EZ with attorney guidance.  Registration is still open, and more information is available here

Intellectual Property Legal Clinic

Hardeep Grover, principal attorney at Tresquire Legal Services, participated in a free legal clinic for local film makers on February 17, 2018 at the US Navy Memorial Heritage Center


 Creative Entrepreneur Series: Business Entity Formation @ THEARC

Hardeep Grover taught a class on Business Entity Formation at THEARC in October of 2017, on behalf of the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts.  The class delved deeply into various business forms at the state and federal levels, with special discussion of Benefits Corporations and how they might fit within modern business paradigms.  The class went through a variety of potential scenarios for entrepreneurs, and focused on steering attendees towards an entity that would provide optimal liability protection, reduced tax liability, and make sense from a maintenance perspective.


Artomatic 2017: ""artists in the reframed space''

Hardeep Grover, the principal attorney at Tresquire, spoke at Artomatic in April of 2017 on behalf of the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts.  As part of the program series entitled ""Artists in the Reframed Space"" Hardeep discussed modern approaches to shared space for artists across mediums, and how different business forms might impact the potential for both organizers and artists to grow.  Much of the discussion centered around building an artists' co-operative in Washington, DC.


Resources for Businesses in Washington, DC



Washington, DC's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs is a central hub for any business that has intentions of operating within the District of Columbia.  From forming an entity to amending zoning regulations, DCRA is usually the first place for a business to visit.




The Office of Tax and Revenue handles all tax matters, and will be your destination for tax certifications and "Clean Hands" certifications, which prove that neither an entity nor its constituents owe the District any money--a prerequisite for many business ventures, approvals, and certifications.



The Metropolitan Police Department is the District's primary police force.  While there are technically 35 different police agencies or forces operating within the District of Columbia, if you need official police clearances or certifications for your business, the MPD will be your best resource.